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Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage in Urdu in Islam

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Istikhara Dua for Love Marriage

A large number of questions come in the mind of a person when they are told about istikhara. Istikhara can be performed for a number of purposes but how do you perform it and what is the right time to do it? Well, istikhara means seeking guidance from the Almighty Allah (swt) for any and everything. Istikhara for marriage also falls in it.

Marriage is a very important decision of your life and thus, you do not want to make any mistake. Istikhara is necessary to make decisions as per the will of the Almighty Allah. Being a human being, you have no idea what will happen in the future. But, with istikhara, you get the guidance of Allah (swt) in your decision. The istikhara dua for marriage is the best solution to take decision regarding your marriage. It will not just guide you for the present but will give you an insight about your future. You will no longer have to bear the burden of your relationship.

Istikhara Dua for Marriage

Biwi ko control karne ki dua

It is recommended for love marriage and arrange marriage. Even if you do love marriage, you are not sure if your marriage will work or not and your chosen partner is just the right one for you or not. If you love someone and want to marry that person, then you should first seek the approval of Allah (Swt) because without His will nothing can happen. So, it is advisable that you go for the istikhara dua for love marriage before committing to your partner because may be the istikhara gives you negative results with that person who means you do not have the permission of Allah (Swt) to maintain this relationship and carry it forward.

Istikhara Dua in Urdu for Love Marriage

The right way to perform istikhara dua for love marriage is mentioned below:

  1. Make fresh ablution.
  2. Perform 2 rakat namaz
  3. Recite duas and praise Allah (Swt).
  4. Recite Durood Ibrahim thrice in the beginning.
  5. Recite Surah Fatiha thrice.
  6. Offer the sawab of this to Mohammad (SAW) (pbuh).
  7. Recite Durood Ibrahim thrice again.
  8. Recite Surah Fatiha thrice again.
  9. Recite “Ya Hameedu Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi Hamde Hamdika Ya Hameed” thrice.
  10. Recite “Ya Majeedu Majjatta Bil MajdeWal Majdu Fi Majde Majdika Ya Majeed” thrice.
  11. Then recite the dua written “Allahhumma Innaka Waqdeero Wala Aqdeero Wata Lamoo Wala AA Lamoo Wa Anta Allamul Guyoob Fa In Ra Aeeta Anna Fi Alaa Natin”.
  12. Say the name of the person for whom you want to conduct the istikhara along with their mother’s name.
  13. Recite this Durood Shareef in the end “Wa Sallallahu Ta Aala Ala Muhammadinwaa Alehi Wa Ashabihi Wa Barik Wasallim”
  14. Perform it for 7 days
  15. You will get an answer related to your marriage.

The istikhara is a little tough thus, it is better to seek help from the Islamic astrologer in this regard. You will not make any mistake and get the right answer related to your marriage. So, do not waste any time, speak to the astrologer and conduct the istikhara now and take the decision of your wedding.

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